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Tamarisk Design Update

Click on Download to get the Lateset Version V01.011

When you click on download above you will be able to save the update to your computer.
Before you go any further make sure that you are not running Figures and Sums and that you have backed up your data.


The file you have downloaded will need to be expanded. This is done automatically if you double click on the downloaded file, (or select open from your download browser).

When you double click on the file you will get a window asking where you want to save the file. Click on the Browse button and select the folder where your Figures and Sums files are located. This is usually C:\\FandS but if you choose a different location when you originally installed it then you will need to select that location now. Also if you have more than one copy installed you will need to repeat this action for each location.

You should then be asked if you want to replace the existing files to which you should answer yes. If you are not asked then you may be installing to wrong location.

Now Copy your backed up data files into this same location replacing the existing files. This will restore you licence and registration key and you may now open the file as usual.

Latest Changes

8th April 2005
Payment By Cheque When cheques are split (allocated to different expense accounts) then all entries from the one cheque are grouped together to make them easier to read.
Oops! The software is intended to be like a manual book system rather than an accounts system. With the former you can correct mistakes, whereas with an accounts system you must add a corrective entry to explain what happened. To make correcting mistakes on Figures and Sums even easier an Oops! button has been added to the cheque entry screen. Now you can easily remove a cheque entry and all its allocations by hitting the Oops button.

2th August 2004
Sales Invoices Invoices were shown in the order entered, but are now shown in their date order.

28th February 2004
Yellow Summary Report The total of cash banked as shown on the summary report was wrong

Figures and Sums is a Tamarisk Design Services product - copyright 2004