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1st June 2014

Figures and Sums and Windows 8

Figuresand Sums version 1 does not work with windows 8. This latest version of the windows operating system will not allow the running of Figures and sums.

We are working on version 2 to be compatible with Windows 8, and will be announcing its release soon.

28th June 2003

Figures and Sums simplifies the task of Bank reconciliation

Reconciling the Bank statement with your own figures, that painful but necessary process, just became a little easier with this latest addition to the Figures and Sums software.

The new feature allows you to quickly identify those transactions which do not match. Figures and Sums keeps you in control whilst helping you to save time.

25th February 2003

Figures and Sums eases the Best Small Business Accounts onto PC

Doing the accounts strikes fear into many of us, but now Figures and Sums software offers the gentlest and easiest way for any non-VAT registered small businesses to take the first steps in recording their accounts on a PC.

Figures and Sums has been developed by Tamarisk Design Services with the permission of the publishers of the bestselling "The Best Small Business Accounts Book" to translate the book into an interactive software package.

"Instead of writing down sales, purchases and other transactions in the books, users type them into the forms on screen," explains Roger Ayre, managing director of Tamarisk Design Services.

"It’s very easy to use - you don’t need training or advanced PC or accounts skills to use it. And it’s just 45 for a lifetime software licence."

Mirroring the books published by Hingston Publishing, there are two versions of the software.

The Yellow version is for "cash" businesses with daily sales and purchases often made with cash - suitable for small shops, hairdressers, driving instructors, market traders and similar businesses.

The Blue version is for "credit" businesses with invoiced sales and purchases made by cheque or petty cash - suitable for small manufacturers, importers, consultants, freelancers and similar businesses.

The fact that it is a legal requirement to keep business records for income tax purposes must be responsible for a lot of the fear surrounding accounts and the subsequent success of the "The Best Small Business Accounts Book", which is the only book recommended by the BBC Video "Accounting for the Terrified".

Since 1985 Hingston Publishing has sold over 500,000 copies of its small business books and the transfer of the easy-to-use content of their accounts books to the PC is a logical step.

"We developed Figures and Sums to the publisher’s specifications and they gave useful feedback on early versions of the software - along with end users who had previously used the books to record their accounts," adds Ayre.

"After recording all their transactions throughout the year and printing out their weekly or monthly reports, users hand these over to their accountant - together with summary reports produced by the software - so that their annual tax can be calculated easily and quickly."

Experience for yourself just how simple bookkeeping can be - download a trial version from the web site at


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