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Who are Tamarisk Design Services?

Tamarisk Design Services was established in 1980 by Roger Ayre.

Having obtained a Bsc in Electrical Engineering, a Msc in control and system information and a Cert Dip in accounting and finance, Roger has considerable experience of designing a variety of systems ranging from power station controls to bespoke systems for small businesses.

As well as producing the Figures and Sums software, Tamarisk's current developments include the i.level range of software for people in the clothing industry; a direct merchandising system, which integrates stock and accounts functions for retailers with multiple branches; and an ordering system for a sandwich delivery service.

With permission, Tamarisk designed Figures and Sums to meet the specifications drawn up by Peter Hingston, author of the best-selling "The Best Small Business Accounts Book" who tested early versions of the software along with end users who previously used the books for their bookkeeping.

For further details of Tamarisk Design Services, please call 0191 962 5656.

Figures and Sums is a Tamarisk Design Services product - copyright 2004